VII-th International Conference "SOLITONS, COLLAPSES AND TURBULENCE: Achievements, Developments and Perspectives" (SCT-14) in honor of Vladimir Zakharov's 75th birthday
August, 04-08, 2014
Chernogolovka, Russia

Inverse and direct cascades in 2d Gross-Pitaevskii equation
Date/Time: 16:00 05-Aug-2014
We study inverse and direct cascades in 2D Gross-Pitaevsky (nonlinear Schrodinger) equation. This is the case where no local cascades can exist and yet we derive analytically the exact flux law (analog of Kolmogorov's 4/5-law) and confirm it in direct numerical simulations. We compare turbulence spectra to analytical predictions of Dyachenko, Newell, Pushkarev, Zakharov (1992) and Malkin (1996). A unified picture of optical turbulence emerges.

Vladimirova Natalia (Presenter)
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Falkovich Grigory
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